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Renewed EU Agenda For Research & Innovation

VU International News and Reviews No. 113 May 21 2018

August 2019

The European Commission has published a “Communication” and a “Factsheet” unfolding its views on the future research and innovation strategy in Europe – as a contribution to in the informal EU leaders summit in Bulgaria this month. As the Commission notes, the EU has world-class research and strong industries, but EU companies and venture capitalists spend less on research than elsewhere and the EU has relatively few start-ups valued at > 1 billion).

In this context, the European Commission calls for i.a. the speedy decision to increase in investment in research and innovation with €100 billion and to stimulate venture capitalist investment in R&I.

Interestingly, the European Commission shows awareness that it should not only focus on research and business processes, but also on assisting citizens in handling the transition that is required of them in this rapidly and constantly changing surroundings.

The Communication and Factsheet make no explicit reference to the Sustainable Development Goals, but do seem to have been written with those goals in mind.

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