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Research on Corona and Universities ??

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 13 April 2 2020

April 2020

The Journal of Risk and Financial Management published an article on “Risk Management of COVID-19 by Universities in China”. Although it is laudable to make an effort to publish on COVID-19 and universities on such short notice, the result, unfortunately, demonstrates the challenges to complete serious research so quickly after the start of the pandemic. The article is no more than a collection of examples of various initiatives that by and in universities: using alums, focusing medical research, providing psychological assistance, teaching on-line to reduce travel and enhance social distancing – examples that we see everywhere. No attempt to give any perspective on which kind of activities occur more frequently under what conditions. No attempt to assess impact relative to the mode of intervention or actor – or any other parameter. An interesting Newspaper article or Blog that most of us could write – sometimes a bit too reverent to Chinese official policy – but nothing close to a research paper that deserves publication in a serious research Journal.

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