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R&I Investments: Where Private, Where Public?

VU International News and Reviews No. 104 January 15 2018

January 2018

The ECS DG for Research & Innovation has published a report (commissioned by the DG to Deloitte and Rand Europe) “Research, Innovation and Growth” on the impact of public policy on innovation. It looks that such impact in the areas of R&D investment, of Education, and of R&D productivity. The report aims to assess the impact of public vs private investment on knowledge production as well as knowledge diffusion and looks separately at the impact of skills accumulation policies and policies addressing R&D productivity.

It finds that more highly developed countries (G7) profit more from global knowledge circulation that others (non G7) – which reminds one of the issues of winners and losers of globalisation within our societies.

It also finds indications that more highly developed countries can rely more on private R&D investments, while others stand to profit more from public investments.

With the report comes a separate report on skills accumulation in the countries under review.

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