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Roadmap for Access, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 08 May 31 2019

June 2019

Review by Helena Gillespie, Academic Director Widening Participation at UEA and CPC member of Diversity Abroad for their New Orleans conference, March 2020.
Diversity Abroad is a US-based organisation devoted to enabling students from disadvantaged or underrepresented backgrounds work and study abroad, and they have just published their new ‘Roadmap to inclusion, diversity and equity’. The report is of interest to study abroad teams, university leadership and academics who work in universities where diversity is a priority.

The roadmap focusses on three areas:

  • Strategy and Communications
  • Operations
  • Academics and Student Success

It can be used as an evaluation tool for a university or to dip into for information. It is interesting that strategy and communications are linked in the roadmap. Sometimes universities find it hard to develop meaningful and effective communications channels with students, and the document addresses some of those issues. It is useful that barriers to student success caused by administrative and organisational issues are also explicitly discussed in the context of diversity, inclusion and equity, and it is evident that the issues are not all financial. Professional development and evaluation strategies also feature as does a useful glossary.

Diversity Abroad is interested in working with Aurora universities, and Helena Gillespie (Academic Director of Widening Participation at UEA) is part of the committee organising their next conference, in New Orleans in March 2020

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