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Schooling and Gender Gap

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 06 March 26 2019

March 2019

The World Bank has published a Policy Research Working Paper “More than Schooling” on gender differences in the labour market about measurable skill levels.
Using the extensive database from the World Bank’s Skills Toward Employment and Productivity (STEP) program, the paper examines how schooling cognitive and non-cognitive skills are rewarded for men and women in the labour market. The study affirms that schooling, especially post-secondary schooling, and cognitive skills are important for increasing earnings for both men and women, but they are especially important for women. Across a sample of 8 of the 13 middle-income countries in the study, both genders have positive returns to non-cognitive skills, in particular to openness and risk-taking. Women are also rewarded for emotional stability, conscientiousness, and extraversion, while men are not.

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