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Separate & Unequal by Test

VU International News and Reviews No. 124 November 20 2018

November 2018

The Center on Education and the Workforce of Georgetown University in Washington DC had published a report on “Our Separate & Unequal Public Colleges”. The report shows that although Black and Latino students are gaining access to higher education more in proportion to their share of the population, Black and Latino students are still only half as likely to complete a college degree as white students. This difference in study success strongly correlates with the kind of HE institutions they go to. White students are far more likely to go to four year public colleges, while Black and Latino students tend more to go to open-access types of public institutions, where they will end up with an Associate Degree at the most.

The authors put their finger at the admission selection, which is primarily based on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). They show that a) Black and Latinos score lower on the SAT but b) higher or lower SAT has little or no predictive value on College study success. So the erroneous assumption that a high SAT score matters, keeps out Black and Latino students from the more selective colleges where they would – if admitted – do equally well as their peers.

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