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Shanghai Encyclopaedia goes beyond ranking by numbers

VU International News and Reviews No. 12 September 3 2013

September 2013

Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, publisher of the ARWU ranking, has produced the first of its planned series of Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 200 Research Universities Encyclopaedia’s. Interviews with the presidents of top 200 universities show vision and trends in the top HE institutions and are paired with comparative analytical data at country and system level: In 2012, North America still leads the pack with 46% of top 200 institutions, although it has lost 8 places compared to 2003. Europe follows with 37%, losing 1 since 2003, while Asia gained one and reaches 11%. 

The Netherlands has the 5th largest number of top 200 ARWU universities, the 6th highest number of most highly cited researchers; in terms of research universities relative to population, the Netherlands ranks 5th after Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Israel.

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