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Short Time Works, Semester Better

VU International News and Reviews No. 112 May 7 2018

March 2013

Two American researchers report on the impact of different forms of Study Abroad among over 1800 graduates from Elon University  (NC) in their article on Student Outcomes Associated with Short term and Semester Study Abroad Programs in Frontiers, the International Journal for Study Abroad. Comparing students without Study Abroad with those with different combinations of Semester Abroad and Short Term Abroad, they found that both Short Term and Semester programmes were positively associated with how students rate their overall educational experience. But students with Semester Abroad experience-reported better outcomes than those with Short Term Abroad experience. There was less measurable added value for a second international experience: a Semester after Short Term or vice versa or two Short Term experiences. So, while Short Term programmes have their value, Semester programmes correlate with better outcomes.

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