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Student Loan Sharks

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 05 March 11 2019

March 2019

Offered by Anna Klas, Aurora communication officer
ABR readers may expect data-based reports in writing; time has come to add a data-based report in a video. Moreover, a hilariously funny report at that.
Netflix Comedian Hasan Minhaj’s satirical show “Patriot act” conveys fact-based controversial topics relevant to millennials and earlier generations. Last February his topic was Student Loans. In between the jokes, Minhaj shows how the government’s decision to take out the banks as middlemen in the Student Loan system backfired. As the Department of Education was unable to manage the enormous student loans – $1.5 trillion – they started using ‘loan services’ which by and large have proven to be more like loan sharks. Spend a short half hour having fun and end up being as well informed about the student loan crisis in the US as you would from any thick report.
Anyone in Europe complaining about the bureaucratic inefficiencies of public student loan systems might want to think twice before arguing in favour of privatisation.

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