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Student Support in the COVID-19 Era

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 16 June 31 2020

September 2020

The Hope Center for College, Community and Justice at Temple University in Philadelphia has published a report on “Real College During the Pandemic”, examining the impact of COVID-19 on the security of students’ basic needs, as well as multiple indicators of their well-being, including employment, academic engagement, and mental health.

The data come from an electronic survey completed between Mid-March and Mid-April by 38,602 students attending 54 colleges and universities in 26 states in the US, including 39 two-year colleges and 15 four-year colleges and universities. The report shows that of the students with a job alongside their studies, 1/3rd lost that job and another 1/3rd was in fear of losing it. 63% of students at 4-year colleges reported they couldn’t focus on their studies because of the pandemic.

The exact data may be different across the various countries in Europe – and indeed, things are still evolving rapidly. But it seems clear that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the students’ well-being and may be expected to have such an impact for some time to come.

This begs the question – for each and every university – what they should be doing differently and what they should be doing more to help students cope with this impact on COVID-19 on their economic, social and mental situation.
An excellent topic for learning from each other among universities with a similar vision and mission.

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