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Students Bringing Money to Denmark and Wales

VU International News and Reviews No. 111 April 23 2018

April 2018


Universities Denmark has published a report – in Danish – analysing the cost-benefit ratio of international students coming to Denmark. The report “Samfundsøkonomisk regnskap for internationale dimittender i Denmark” analysis of the economic impact of international students in Denmark shows that the net contribution to the Danish economy of international students was DKK4 billion (537 million Euros) in 2007-11.

A similar report was published on The Economic Impact of International Students in Wales. Their graphic executive summary shows the incoming students generated 487 million pound in 2015-16, which constituted 3.7% of Welsh exports that in the period. The spending of international students and their visitors generated over 6850 full-time equivalent jobs in Wales, equivalent to nearly 0.5% of Welsh employment.  Of these 1,598 jobs were created in areas which do not have a university presence. Thus the report underlines the positive impact but also warns for the vulnerability to drops in students – and warns against strict immigration regulations and other impediments to incoming student mobility.

The two reports follow earlier similar reports in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and the US – all showing significant  economic and fiscal benefits of incoming student mobility.


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