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Students Feel Lower Than Age Group

VU International News and Reviews No. 118 August 27 2018

July 2019

In it´s 2018 Student Academic Experience Survey, the UK based Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) provides loads of statistical data on what students’ opinions are in UK universities. The survey, based on 14 046 respondents to a survey among 70 000 students, gives interesting data on student satisfaction with teachers, courses, campus and costs and distinguishes by the profile of the students as well as their university. It does seem to take the opinions of the students too readily as an indicator of the real situation.

If students at Oxford are more satisfied with their value for money and course quality than in redbrick universities, does that mean the education is indeed so much better – or also a bit because they are so happy and proud to have been admitted to Oxford? The question is hard to answered, but should at least be asked.

The report is too rich and varied to summarize, but we can highlight two issues of interest:

  1. well-being among students in the UK is (considerably) lower than in the whole age group – and it is going down further.
  2. Most students feel that international students bring added value to their experience in terms of world view, global sensitivity, and global network. A minority of a quarter or less feel the internationals slow them down, take away teacher’s attention or lower the quality.
    Here again, it must be noted that the survey reports perceptions, not hard data.
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