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Students for Free Expression???

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 03 February 5 2019

February 2019

FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, in the US has published a new survey report on “What Students Think” about i.a. freedom of expression on American campuses. FIRE is dedicated to protecting freedom of speech and expression; religious liberty and freedom of association; freedom of conscience; and due process and legal equality on campus.
The report – the third of its kind – finds that almost all (96%) students are strong advocates of freedom of speech, but only when discussing it as a general principle. When expression becomes intolerant, hurtful or offensive, more than half the students (57%) feel that HE Institutions should be able to restrict student expression of political views that are hurtful or offensive to certain students.
The report also looks at students’ opinions on current controversial issues on American campuses.

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