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Study in Britain – Not Likely

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 17 July 17 2020

September 2020, a portal where students can find out what to study and where conducted a survey among 2500 students from EU countries who had shown interest to study in the UK. The survey was conducted between June 23rd and 28th of this year. The main question was how a rise in UK tuition fees for EU nationals – announced by the UK government – would impact the attractiveness of British universities. If the government raises the tuition to ‘international’ level, 84% of the prospective students say they will most ‘definitely not’ study in the UK. If the tuition fees are raised with a much more modest 25%, answers such as ‘much less likely’ and ‘definitely not’ already add up to 64% of students. To what alternative would these students turn? According to the survey, no less than 49% would then consider studying in the Netherlands, followed by Germany (36%) and France (19%).

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