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Study shows which students are best suited for MOOCs

VU International News and Reviews No. 19 December 9 2013

December 2013

In a recent study by Noel Levitz, a US based HE consulting firm, MOOCs appear to be better suited to older students than to younger ones. Satisfaction with MOOCs appear to diminish as students take more MOOC courses.

The study analysed a random sample of 2 % (N=6913) complete records of students for whom results were available for both the PSOL Priorities Survey for Online Learners and the SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator. The PSOL assesses what online learners find most important and their level of satisfaction with the online courses they have taken. The SMLRI quantifies a learner’s level of readiness for studying online.

In an earlier (2011) study, the statistically relevant correlation was demonstrated between a) online readiness and b) satisfaction with online education taken, showing online readiness to be an reliable predictor of satisfaction.

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