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Successful first meeting of the EU-China HEPCE

VU International News and Reviews No. 05 May 6 2013

May 2013

The First Meeting of the EU-China Higher Education Platform for Cooperation and Exchanges (HEPCE) was held on 25 April in Brussels with nearly 200 participants from the European and Chinese higher education circles. The day consisted of higher education policy updates by Jan Truszczyński, DG Education _ Culture of the EC, and Du Yubo, Vice Minister for Education, PR China, and a series of practical examples of ongoing EU-China joint initiatives, ranging from joint programmes to joint operation of education institutions. The TUNING experts and individual universities from both the European and Chinese sides also took the occasion to exchange working experience and information in two parallel sessions.

The HEPCE is one of the activities of the EU-China Dialogues Support Facility.

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