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SURF: Dutch universities need to link their online strategy with their international strategy

VU International News and Reviews No. 20 January 6 2014

January 2014

Late December, SURF published a study on possible scenarios for the impact of open and online education on Dutch universities. Building on a report by a number of former Pearson employees, SURF identifies 4 possible models for the way in which universities can incorporate open/online education in the business model. 

The SURF report sketches four possible scenarios high/low growth of international competition and high/low growth in openness of educational programmes: *) business as usual, *) Marginalisation, *) Evolution, and *) Revolution. 

The SURF report advises Dutch universities to develop an institutional vision & strategy on online and open education, to connect this with its vision & strategy for internationalisation, to stimulate innovation and seek partners. 

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