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The Pen Mightier Than The Pad??

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 04 February 19 2019

February 2019

The Educational Psychology Review has published the results of a study aiming to replicate the earlier findings (Mueller and Oppenheimer 2014) that taking lecture notes by hand was superior to taking notes on a digital device like a laptop keyboard. Their study: “How Much Mightier Is the Pen than the Keyboard for Note-Taking? A Replication and Extension of Mueller and Oppenheimer (2014)”. The extension consisted of inclusion of groups who took notes using eWriters and who did not take notes. They report that while some trends suggested longhand superiority, performance did not consistently differ between any groups, including a group who did not take notes at all. Group differences were further decreased after students studied their notes. They do report that meta-analysis of test performance reveals small effects favouring longhand, but also that these are statistically non-significant. Thus, they conclude that presenting one method of taking notes as is superior seems premature

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