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T&L Trends in European HE

VU International News and Reviews No. 123 November 03 2018

November 2018

Last month, the European Universities Association (EUA) published its 2018 Trends report on Teaching and Learning in the European HE Area. The publication looks at institutional and national strategies for teaching & learning in HE, at study programmes and teaching methodologies, and precisely at teaching staff. To note some of the salient points:

  • international cooperation seems to be a driving force for innovation of teaching & learning (more than national strategies);
  • ‘learning outcomes’ are becoming more pervasive as cornerstones of curriculum design and implementation – but how SMART these are is less clear;
  • the  innovation of teaching & learning requires that enthusiasm of individual academics is met by leadership support and endorsement;
  • the notion that teaching skills don’t come automatically with research competence is gaining ground, but not yet everywhere: only half the institutions have a system for teaching quality in place and only a third require academics to take courses in teaching in higher education.
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