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Too Much Course Information

VU International News and Reviews No. 113 May 21 2018

August 2019

Four researchers from the Stanford Center for Education Policy Analysis report on their field experiment to better understand how information about courses may influence the students’ choice and performance.

In a large-scale field experiment, the undergraduate students felt encouraged or not, to use information from official transcripts and detailed end-of-course evaluation surveys from the past fifteen years before choosing their courses. They found that students who used the information had a lower GPA by 0.28. Additionally, they found that the lower grade particularly related to information on the grades obtained in that course. Their exploratory analysis suggested that these effects are not due to a change in the choice of courses, but rather by changes to their behaviour within the courses they subsequently took. The report How a data-driven course planning tool affects college students’ GPA: Evidence from two field experiments is published by Stanford – CEPA.

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