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Tuning Degree Profiles in Europe

VU International News and Reviews No. 04 April 22 2013

April 2013

Within the programme of activities of the Tuning Project, a guide has been published (already last year) that helps universities to produce and publish degree profiles that are aligned to the standards developed in Europe and internationally. A Degree Profile is a document of 1 – 2 pages with essential information on the programme, locating it within the academic and thematic context.

The Degree Profile specifies the subject area or areas studied, identifies the level (first, second or third cycle) and indicates the special features that distinguish it from other similar programmes. The Degree Profile describes, in terms of competences and learning outcomes, what graduates will know, understand and be able to do by the time they have successfully completed the programme. The Profile spells out what can be expected of the graduates in terms of the kinds of tasks they are equipped to undertake, their level of expertise and the responsibilities they can assume.

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