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Under-enrolled, More Drop-Out, Fewer Role-Models

VU International News and Reviews No. 121 October 08 2018

October 2018

The Race and Equity Center of the University of Southern California has published an analysis of how public HE institutions in the US are doing in equity for Black undergraduate students.

In the report Black Students at Public Colleges and Universities they looked at overall representational equity, gender equity, completion equity and Black-student-to-Black-staff ration. They found Blacks constitute 14,6% of the age group, but only 9,8% of undergraduates and that completion rates for Blacks are considerably lower than for all undergraduates: 39,4% ßà 50,6%. For every Black faculty member, there are 42 students and 40 HE institutions in the report have no full-time Black instructors at all. Gender equity among black students is relatively balanced.

The report scores institutions and states according to the standard academic scoring in the US, from A to F with a numerical translation from 4 to 0. The country average is 2,02, or a weak C. Unfortunately, there are no historical data in the report: we can’t see which states are closing the gap and where it is even widening.

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