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Universities: Go Make Up For BREXIT!!!

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 07 April 25 2019

April 2019

The UK government has published a new “International Education Strategy” under the motto “Education is Great”. Explicitly mentioning Brexit as context, the UK aims to grow the number of international students studying in the UK from the current 460.000 to 600.000 by the year 2030 – raising its value to 30 million pounds a year. It will appoint an International Education Champion and set up a 5 million pound “Education is GREAT Challenge fund” and other measures to improve the climate for foreign students. But about the visa-regulations that was so bitterly attacked by British universities, it only speaks of “considering where the visa process could be improved”.
It is interesting to compare the optimistic tone of the UK government document with OECD data which show that the UK has been rather stable in their share of international student recruitment – although UK universities are recognised to be fierce and active recruiters.

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