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US Graduate Enrolment over the Hill?

VU International News and Reviews No. 105 January 29 2018

January 2018

The US National Science Foundation has published its 2018 Science & Engineering Indicators. The publication looks at the S&T education from elementary to graduate university level, the S&T workforce, the attitude of the public and government towards S&T and compares the R&D landscape in the USD in an international setting.

It also zooms in on undergraduate and graduate enrolment in S&T and in this contexts looks at international enrolment also in a broad context.

The report shows that after consistent growth up to 2016, 2017 showed lower enrolment figures at both undergraduate and graduate levels, with a total decrease from ca 840 000 to ca 809 000 students.

This downturn is much more noticeable in non-S&T fields, but even in S&T, graduate enrolment is down with 15 000 to 229 000 – while undergraduate international S&T enrolment barely holds its own.

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