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VU academics in H2020 advisory boards

VU International News and Reviews No. 06 May 20 2013

May 2013

The Agentschap NL of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs has published an overview of Dutch members in the Horizon 2020 advisory boards. From VU/VUmc, the following staff are member of such an advisory board: H> Dolman (Research infrastructures), F.v.Harmelen (ICT), K. Lammertsma (Bio/Nanotechnology), J.v.Loon (SPACE), A.v.Dommelen & H.Aiking (European bio-economic challenges), R.v.Grondelle (Clean etc. energy), W.Dullaert (Smart/green transport), P.Verburg & Jde.Boer (Climate action), Chr. Vis & L.Klomp (subsidy desk).

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