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What makes international students satisfied

VU International News and Reviews No. 13 September 17 2013

September 2013 recently published a study into “Key Influences of international student satisfaction in Europe”. The report is based on a survey among close to 17 000 students.

Overall, the satisfaction of international students in Europe is high: two thirds rate their satisfaction at 9 or 10 out of 10; only 11% rate their satisfaction below 6/10.

The most important drivers of student satisfaction are 1) Academic factors (24%), 2) City & Culture (22%), 3) University services (14%), and 4) Social services (13%).

VU can be proud of its 3rd place in the Netherlands in student satisfaction.

At national level, satisfaction of international students in the Netherlands is high, but lower than in 14 other European countries (23 in total).

Looking only at countries with larger numbers of international students, satisfaction with study in Holland is slightly larger than the numbers would warrant: the Netherlands ranks 9th in number of students, but 6th in satisfaction: there is a good marketing story to be told.

But: there is not a single Dutch university among the 20 European universities with highest international student satisfaction.

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