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What Makes Students Move in Europe

VU International News and Reviews No. 125 December 03 2018

December 2018

Although already publishes some time ago, it still makes sense to review the JRC report Student mobility in tertiary education: institutional factors and regional attractiveness. The report analyses the mobility movements to European countries for both degree-seeking students and credit-seeking students.

It attests that degree mobility is much bigger in Europe than credit mobility: about 10% of students are international degree-seeking students while only 1,1% are credit-seeking. It notes that part of the explanation may be that there are much more non-European degree-seeking students than credit-seeking, but it seems to ignore the factor that degree-seeking students stay for much longer periods than credit-seekers.

The report also notes the institution is more important than the region, although credit students tend to favour urban institutions much less than degree-seekers.

One very remarkable omission: there appear to be no data on degree-seeking students in the Netherlands. With 122 000 international students in the Netherlands (2016-17), this seems a big omission. The University Maastricht with almost 9 000 international students should figure in the top 10 in Europe (on place 7) but is nowhere to be seen.

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