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What R&I Achievements?

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 08 May 31 2019

June 2019

The European Commission’s DG R&I has published a Transport R&I Achievements report 2018, the second of such report, focusing on the four objectives of clean, competitive, connected and responsible transport. It is a sector analysis of the research and innovation projects funded under FP7 and H2020. The report gives a lot of information on these projects – e.g. on the proportion of the projects and budget per goal. But it lacks a strategic evaluative analysis: was the impact of the funded projects on addressing and resolving the problems, bigger or smaller than expected at the start. Or if that is too soon to tell, are the expectations looking back at this stage more or less optimistic than at the outset of FP7 or H2020?

Without an attempt to address these – admittedly tricky – questions, the report may contain much information but provide less meaning than one would have hoped.

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