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Why Do We Need European Universities?

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 09 June 17 2019

July 2019

Based on a contribution by Sandra Hasanefendic, VU Amsterdam

In May, the European Commission issued a Study on the impact of Erasmus+ Higher Education Partnerships and Knowledge Alliances, looking at their effect on the modernisation of higher education systems in Europe. The study is qualitative: surveys, interviews, case studies and desk research.

The report indicates that both for Strategic Partnerships and Knowledge Alliances, the main focus was on curricula development and teaching & learning approaches. Noteworthy is that policy-levels seem little touched by the outcomes of the projects. According to the report, this is less due to lack of effort from those responsible for the projects and more because of lack of interest from the policy level, in turn, because of lack of alignment with current university and country strategies.

In this way, the report implicitly underlines the vast difference between the existing Erasmus+ projects and the new Call for Proposals for European Universities Networks.

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