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Why Mobility Matters to Women

VU International News and Reviews No. 105 January 29 2018

January 2018

Already in 2016, Price Waterhouse Coopers conducted a study exploring the link between gender diversity and international workforce mobility. Their starting point was the observation that women make up only 20% of the internationally mobile workforce in the Financial Services sector, which worries the sector’s  CEOs who see talent scarcity as one of their greatest challenges. Based on over 600 interviews and a survey of over 4000 participants in 40 countries, they found that almost the same number of women in the sector aspires an international work experience as men: 73 – 77%. But a stereotype perception among company leaders and HR staff, as well as a lack of transparency about international job opportunities make that companies don’t adequately use their female staff’s inclination for international assignments. In addition, more flexibility in the assignment choices would help step up the proportion of women in international workforce mobility in the Financial Services sector.

And probably not only in the Financial Services sector.

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