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Why Study in Norway?

VU International News and Reviews No. 120 September 24 2018

May 2019

In JSIE (online first) Jannecke Wiers-Jenssen report on her analysis of Why an Increasing Number of International Students Choose Norway. The research design baffles me.

The first research question is on the impact of international trends, national policies and institutional strategies on actual incoming mobility.  The research design for this question is to analyse documents on these trends, policies and strategies. Period! Explaining the correlation between A and B by looking only at A? It would have made more sense to position the document analysis as part of the contextual positioning of the Survey as the real core of the research project.

The second question: students reasons to choose Norway, has a more sound approach: a survey among all (> 8000)  foreign students in Norway, of whom 3216 responded. The main findings seem to make sense: although the cost of living is high, students get free higher education in a safe country, which will increase their career opportunities. The question remains what this kind of research adds to what international student marketers and recruiters know very well already.

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