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Widening Participation in UK Outward Mobility

VU International News and Reviews No. 97 September 11 2017

September 2017

Universities UK International has published the first report of its Widening Participation in UK Outward Student Mobility project. The project builds on the 2016 Gone International report, which showed that a study/internship abroad leads to better grades, and better chances of a better job; but the report also showed that students from underrepresented groups were less likely to go abroad. The Widening Participation project (supported in the ERASMUS+ programme) intends to address this situation. The current 1st phase report analyses the current situation and formulates recommendations; in the 2nd phase, a toolbox will be developed to help universities increase the number of students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, lower HE participation regions, black and minority ethnic groups, students with a disability and students who’ve been in the ‘care system’ (“care leavers”).


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