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World Education Services has published its March 2013 report

VU International News and Reviews No. 04 April 22 2013

April 2013

As the report shows, China took over from Japan as the leading source of international students in 1999/00, before being overtaken by India in 2001/02, and then regaining the reigns in 2009/10. Japanese enrollments have plunged from a peak of just over 47,100 in 1997/98 to less than 20,000 in 2011/12; while student enrollments from select emerging markets have grown rapidly. Enrollments from Saudi Arabia, for example, have increased by over 700 percent since 2002/03, from 4,200 to 34,100 in 2011/12 (IIE 2012).

The report discusses three topics: 1) a comparative perspective of international student mobility patterns (both globally and U.S.‐focused) based on an analysis of data from multiple sources; 2) trends in recruitment practices from a survey of international enrollment management professionals; and 3) a framework for responsive recruitment strategies for higher education institutions. For recruitment strategies, the report finds that emerging recruitment practices fall into one of three dominant themes: 1) technology for expanding reach in a cost‐effective manner; 2) partnerships for creating pathways and visibility; and 3) research to prioritize efforts and measure return on investment.

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