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Aurora Doctoral Education Working Group at EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop

The Aurora Working Group on Doctoral Education met on the 17th of January 2019, during the EUA-CDE event that Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam co-organized with the EUA Council for Doctoral Education, to discuss further progress of a very ambitious Erasmus + Strategic Partnership proposal on Doctoral Mobility.

Last November, during the Aurora Antwerp Biannual the project was comprehensively discussed when the group decided to bid for €450.000 grant from Erasmus+ to fund the Aurora Future Influencers Mobility Programme, that is simultaneously transnational, social and transdisciplinary/trans-sectoral.

The core idea behind the project is to allow doctoral students from Aurora Universities to circulate throughout the network and work in interdisciplinary settings with academic and industry actors, regardless of financial limitations and domestic responsibilities. This triple mobility will empower a new generation of socially responsible research leaders/influencers who can communicate, innovate and exert influence across national, social and disciplinary boundaries and contribute to the realization of the Europe 2020 objective of smart, sustainable, inclusive growth.

The Aurora Future Influencers Mobility Programme reflects the ethos of the Aurora Universities Network -to marry excellence in education and research with societal relevance at local and international levels. Universities within the Aurora Network aspire to become destinations of choice for doctoral students and early career researchers from around the world by offering common standards of excellence around research supervision and training alongside outstanding professional and pastoral support and the opportunity to circulate freely between Aurora partners.
Consequently, Aurora doctoral students will have the opportunity to complement traditional doctoral attributes of critical thinking and creativity with a multidisciplinary skill set, languages and entrepreneurial mindset that will allow them to succeed in their research and the competitive labour market of this rapidly-changing world.

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