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Aurora Humanities Debate online

Watch sir Ian Diamond and his 5 co-panelists: Sarah Barrow, Gudmundur Halfdanarson, Patrick Lévy, and Peter Mascher debate the role of Humanities and Social Sciences for the future of humanity and society.

  • Why is it relevant to have such a debate now?
  • Are the Humanities and Social Science doing a good enough job in showing the public at large what value that teaching and research brings?
  • Is the Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences predominantly in their contribution to multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary research focused on the major societal challenges?
  • Or is/should there also still room for curiosity-driven  research in these domains.

Watch the panelists discuss these and other topics under the inspired guidance of Anita Raghunath and Marie-Alix Thouaille.

Live recording of the Aurora Humanities debate
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