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Of the 3543 highest cited researchers in the world, 37 belong to one of the universities on the Aurora network. This again asserts the world class academic excellence of the universities in the Aurora network, reconfirming the earlier analysis by Elsevier which compared the field weighted citation impact of the Aurora universities as a group with similar networks.

The list of highest cited researchers is published annually by Clarivate on the basis of the Web of Science and consists of the 1% mostly cited publications for field and publication year – correcting for different citation practices.

Aurora is a network of universities that dedicated to match academic excellence with societal relevance. Academic excellence is not enough: we want our research to be focused – as much as possible –  on the major problems and challenges in our societies and to actively contribute to addressing them, with real impact.

Aurora universities  believe that there is no friction, no trade-off between societal relevance and academic excellence.

Therefore, we are more than happy to see our academic excellence recognised once again in the list of most highly cited researchers – with no less then 36 of those 3543 top researchers of the world belonging to one of the nine universities in the Aurora network. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has no less than 12 researchers in the list (one of whom has left the university in the mean time). The University of East Anglia has six,  the University of Iceland five, and the University Grenoble Alpes four.

The full list of highest cited researchers from Aurora universities can be seen here.

Highest cited researchers in Aurora Universities

The Clarivate list, based on Web of Science, reconfirms the earlier report produced by Elsevier Research Intelligence, on the basis of Scopus.

This report analysed the research strength – also in terms of the field weighted citation score – of the nine Aurora universities separately and as a group.

Elsevier compared the research strength of Aurora with several other networks and showed that Aurora is relatively small, but top notch: a slightly higher field weighted citation score than LERU, and significantly higher than e.g. Coïmbra, Universitas 21 and UNICA.

See a visual impression of the Elsevier analysis of the research excellence of Aurora members and of the Aurora network as a whole.

Elsevier analsyis of research strength Aurora and other networks
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