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Connecting Research with Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

During the spring Aurora Biannual three academics presented their work relating to the Health SDGs; Zero Hunger and Good Health and Wellbeing. One of them being Professor Kristy Sanderson, who talked about how Aurora can benefit from health-related academic cooperation opportunities and how to connect research in health and wellbeing with social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Kristy Sanderson, a psychiatric epidemiologist, joined the University of East Anglia in January 2017 as Chair in Applied Health Research in the School of Health Sciences. Professor Sanderson is interested in all aspects of mental health and wellbeing from a public health/population health perspective. Much of her research is policy-driven in partnership with stakeholders in the public and private sector.

As an opportunity for Aurora, Professor Sanderson presented a Venn diagram representing fields of research, students with the benefits for Aurora in the middle. The benefits are promoting innovations in mental health and wellbeing, and improving wellbeing and health workforce of the future. This method aims to apply Aurora’s collective research expertise to communities. It provides a health-promoting environment and produces citizens who are all the future health workforce, irrespective of their degree.  By first identifying common health issues among entrepreneurs a connection between research in health and wellbeing with social entrepreneurship and innovation can be made.

In this series of plenary stories, Aurora tells the story of three Aurora academics and their recent works. We want to showcase how academic excellence, combined with societal relevance reflects the real character of Aurora. Want a sneak peek of the next story? View this visual note made at the plenary.

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Aurora Health SDG Sanderson
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