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Consideration of Environmental Health

On the 28th of May during the sixth Aurora Biannual, three academics presented their work relating to the Health SDGs; Zero hunger and Good health and wellbeing. One of them was Professor Remy Slama who talked about the consideration of environmental health research within the Aurora network.

Dr Remy Slama is a Senior Investigator (Inserm – National Institute of Health and Medical Research) in the Team of Environmental Epidemiology and the Institute for Advanced Biosciences at the University Grenoble-Alpes.

During the plenary, Dr Slama gave an extensive overview of the improvement for air quality. He explained that air pollution appears to be the leading cause of death related to other environmental factors. One of his recent projects, which he presented during the plenary, is Mobil air.

Mobil air aims to better characterize a population’s exposure to pollution by using the oxidative potential and allowing the chemical composition of particles to assess the health impact of emission sources. Moreover so, it helps in identifying economic and psychological devices for sustainable behavior change. Mobil Air also develops a multidimensional and interdisciplinary tool for assessing pollution reduction measures in terms of concentration of particles, health, traffic and individual mobility, disadvantaged households and inequalities in exposure to pollution. Intermob, a Mobil Air project, improved air quality in western countries on an individual level by randomized control trial on different levers allowing to decrease car use. Next, on a societal level by the identification of a mix of measures on (wood) heating and traffic enabling to reach a targeted improvement in public health.

More on the Mobil air project is available here.

In this series of plenary stories, Aurora tells the story of three Aurora academics who presented their recent works at the Grenoble Aurora Biannual. We want to showcase how academic excellence, combined with societal relevance reflects the true character of Aurora. Want a sneak peek of the next story? View the visual note made at the plenary. For the presentation click the button below.

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