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Digital Worlds

The Digital Worlds Workshop was an opportunity for network partners to share two aspects of their university's work; firstly the research they are undertaking in the field of computing and technology, and secondly where the digital world is transforming the way the university works, in teaching, learning, enterprise and engagement.

There were a number of clear synergies in research, including in Digital Humanities and around the ethics and practicalities of doing research using large datasets. The latter included research in a number of key areas, including medicine.

Each of the contributors had a different story to tell about the way the work of the university is being impacted by Digital Transformations, although there was a strong feeling of shared concerns and opportunities. Both these and the research synergies gave rise to a list of possible next steps for this aspect of the network.

Ideas for next steps included:

  1. Build collaboration between the departments involved in Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, to strengthen existing projects and seek additional opportunities
  2. Establish groups looking to develop collaborative protocols and ethics around using ‘Big data’ in research of all kinds
  3. Develop shared learning materials on an online platform to facilitate a network wide teaching and learning community

Helena Gillespie, UEA’s Academic Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement said: “The discussion that followed [each presentation] was useful and confirmed that we do have a lot in common, both in terms of our interests and shared challenges, despite the differences between our political and funding contexts.”

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