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Antwerp Aurora Bi-annual: “Climate Change” and the role of universities in the relevant social debate.

November 28-30, 2018

University of Antwerp

Twice a year, academics, leaders, and administrators from Aurora universities meet at one of the member universities' campuses. On the 28th-30th of November, the 5th Bi-annual Aurora Network gathering will take place at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. This year the Bi-annual takes place during Climate Week at the University of Antwerp.

The concurrent planning with the Climate Week is no coincidence: From now on each Aurora Bi-annual will cover a selection of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as their central theme. In November the SDGs will be related to the Biosphere:

Four UN Sustainable Development Goals


For more information on the SDGs, you can visit the United Nation Sustainable Development website. 

The Antwerp Aurora Bi-annual will consist of:

  • A number of parallel thematic workshops, both within the key priorities of the Aurora Network and on other themes that are interesting to all, most or some of the academics/ administrators of Aurora universities.
  • A General Council meeting, which is the formal meeting of the presidents and Institutional coordinators of the Aurora Network. In addition, the various working groups report on their progress, plans, and aspirations.
  • A Plenary session, consisting of two main parts: the official announcement and hand-out of the 2018 Aurora Diversity and Equality Award and a session on the Biosphere-related Sustainable Development Goals, with expert presentations, bibliometric analysis and strategic discussion on these SDGs in Aurora.

A ‘call for participation’ has been launched to determine which working groups will convene during the Antwerp Aurora Bi-annual.  For further information you can contact the institutional coordinator at your university.

A provisional program can be found here or on the guidebook app (that we will launch soon).

Working groups: TBA

Practical Information

Participants are required to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Several suggestions can be found below. If you book your accommodation before October 28, there is the possibility of using a discount rate in a selection of hotels, based on availability. We made an overview of all necessary information. This, however, does not prevent you from exploring other options. We suggest not to make any arrangements without discussing them with your institutional coordinator.

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