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Aurora presents at AIEA conference

February 18-21, 2018


Aurora will present its work on Societal Impact & Relevance of Research at the AIEA conference, February 20, 2018.
The AIEA conference annually brings together the vice-rectors and directors for international affairs and other "Senior International Officers" from the US and other parts of the world.

The Aurora session will focus on how an international strategic alliance can be used to realize strategic objectives in the local/domestic session, zooming in specifically on the societal impact and relevance of research.

Many research universities wrestle with similar fundamental challenges in this domain:

  • How to get beyond a mere economical perspective, counting patents and links/ coproducts with the corporate sector?
  • How to solve the intrinsic problems that societal impact takes (a lot of) time and that attribution to specific academic work is hard to prove?
  • How to avoid ‘gaming’ and other perversions of any fixed system?
  • How to overcome the strong focus on researchers on scientific excellence, driven by citations?

At the AIEA session, the Aurora Work Programme on Societal Impact and Relevance of Research will be presented for critical examination by senior representatives of other research universities.




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