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Collaboration in doctoral education: Knowledge sharing and experience building (Workshop)

March 23, 2018

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The workshop aims to provide participants with a shared understanding of the doctoral education programmes and related structures of each Aurora partner, and to consider how we might respond to global pressures for change, and foster a discussion on future meaningful and possible long term collaboration efforts in this domain. It is particularly relevant that we meet at this time and speak about doctoral education in light of our newly forged joint membership to the European University Association-Council on Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE).

The doctoral education landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade as the number of doctoral candidates has increased by about 60% in most European countries since 2000 1 . The same period has also seen an increase in the availability of scholarship funds for doctorates, both through national funding agencies e.g. CSC, LPDP, NRF in the Netherlands and others that operate at a European or transnational level such as the EU funded Marie Curie Actions. Alongside these increasing participation rates has been a decrease in the number of opportunities to continue in academia and a recognition by policy makers of the need for increased numbers of doctoral graduates in multiple sectors in order to drive economic growth.


If you would like to attend the Workshop please let Nicky Bastian ( know by Tuesday 12th March.  In the meantime should you require further information or wish to suggest adjustments to the programme please feel free to get in touch.


For more information on this workshop you can download the attached file.

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