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Grenoble Biannual 2019

May 27-28, 2019

Université Grenoble Alpes

From now on each Aurora Biannual covers a selection of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as their central theme. The cluster of SDGs for the upcoming biannual has yet to be confirmed.

Grenoble Aurora Biannual Programme.

The biannual will consist of:

  • Eight parallel working group sessions, both within the key priorities of the Aurora Network and on other themes that are interesting to all, most or some of the academics/ administrators of Aurora universities. View room division.
  • A General Council meeting being the formal meeting of the presidents and Institutional coordinators of the Aurora Universities Network. In addition, the various working groups report on their progress, plans, and aspirations.
  • Plenary with as its theme the cluster of selected SDGs.
  • A Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

For further information regarding the Grenoble Biannual in Grenoble, you can contact the institutional coordinator at your university.



Accommodation, transportation, restaurants, maps

Participants are required to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.  Grenoble has prepared a document with suggested hotels and information on travel.  This, however, does not prevent you from exploring other options. We suggest not to make any arrangements without discussing them with your institutional coordinator.

We encourage all participants to think about their means of transport when coming to Grenoble. If you wish to use a bike when in Grenoble, we can recommend Metro Vélo, you can book one at the railwaystation when arriving !

Transportation & Hotels Grenoble

Recommendation on Restaurants

Guided Tour location map

Walking directions maps to Musée Dauphinois



There are several locations where the biannual will take place. Locations of events are indicated in the programme and on the Campus map.

Grenoble Aurora Biannual – Campus Map



If your university is not a member of Eduroam or if you are from another organisation and you wish to make use of the WiFi-network SSid eduroam, please be sure to send an email to with the following data:

  • Surname,  Name

After submitting your data, you will receive a wifi code on your email address or mobile phone. Most likely Grenoble will send all codes at the same time, a couple of days before the event.

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