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Masterclass Cultural Sustainability: from a status holder to talent

May 24, 2019

In collaboration with The Room of Listening, which developed "The City Coalition methodology" in recent years, SERVUS is organising a Masterclass for policy advisers and labour consultants from Dutch municipalities.

The City Coalition methodology brings entrepreneurial newcomers, such as refugees, in contact with Dutch colleagues. The City Coalition methodology was developed in the city of Leidschendam-Voorburg and formed a source of inspiration for other municipalities.

New and established peers and city dwellers are connected in an equal way based on their talent, craftsmanship and reciprocity. This approach creates work, a social network and offers opportunities for new entrepreneurship and talent development. Dutch municipalities often face cultural dilemmas in implementing their policies. Local policy staff and labour consultants usually have good intentions but feel restricted by existing rules. Absorption of newcomers in local society is based on quantity and strict procedures. Often, little is known about the cultural background and talents of newcomers, creating a wide gap between policymakers and newcomers. This Masterclass brings municipal officials and newcomers together, to learn from each other’s cultural and professional backgrounds, and to close the gap on the way to work.

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