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Meeting of Aurora Africa group

March 15-16, 2018


The Aurora Africa group will meet in Amsterdam, March 15 and 16, to carry on the work started in Reykjavik and Norwich.

The ‘Africa group’ aims to share expertise among Aurora partners in working in Africa and to identify and implement opportunities for collaboration in working with partners in Africa.

The Africa group is now in the process of identifying more concrete projects and opportunities for sharing expertise and realising synergies in each other’s events.

Specific projects now foreseen / planned:

  • using SDGs as a framework to align AURORA’s initiatives related to Africa
  • reciprocal participation in conferences/seminars in Bergen and Kenya
  • other ideas: Aurora Africa MOOC, SDG Africa watch, ‘communicating science’

The Amsterdam meeting will be used to carry one or more of these initiatives into a more concrete implementation phase.

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