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Research & Innovation Days

September 24-26, 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Horizon Europe is the new European program for research and innovation funding, succeeding the present Horizon 2020 programme. New to Horizon Europe is that all other EU programmes will be linked to Horizon Europe to enhance impact within the seven years of research funding.

All departments within the European Commission (EC) will need to collaborate. Therefore the EC needs to have a structured program and is currently drafting a strategic planning document describing processes, procedures, policy areas of scientific interest, and the future impact of EC research funding.

Contribution of Aurora Universities Network

The Aurora EU grant officers are calling on all Aurora researchers to participate in the “Research & Innovation Days”, organised by the EC in Brussels from 24-26 September 2019, to intensify the ties between research excellence and societal impact. Aurora universities are invited to identify citizens and civil society representatives in their field who might be interested in joining.

The Aurora EU grant officers are currently looking at ways in which they can fund the R&I Days participation of both AURORA researchers and their civil society contacts. They are inviting potentially interested researchers to read the presentation and contact their EU information/EU grant officer.

The Research & Innovations days are an annual policy event of the European Commission which brings together stakeholders to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape. The event will be central to finding research and innovation solutions by working across policies, setting the direction, spurring innovation and triggering investment.

Communication campaign for Horizon Europe budget

The budget for Horizon Europe is proposed to be about €100 billion. However, this is not yet certain. Political shifts and views may even lead to a lower budget. Therefore, AURORA and 14 international networks support the communication campaign directed to national governments and prime ministers, the EU Council budget working group, and the EC to have an increased budget for Horizon Europe of 160 billion euro. Read the presentation for more details.

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