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Third Biannual Aurora meeting

November 8-10, 2017

University of East Anglia

Twice a year, academics, leaders and administrators from Aurora universities meet at one of the member universities' campuses.

On 8-10 November, the 3rd bi-annual Aurora Network gathering will take place at the University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK).

The bi-annual Aurora gatherings consist of:

  • A number of parallel thematic workshops, both of the key priorities of the Aurora Network and on other themes that are interesting to all, most or some of the academics/ administrators concerned in the Aurora Network partner universities.
  • The Presidents’ meeting, which is the formal general council meeting of the Aurora Network association.
  • A plenary meeting at which the various working groups report on their progress, plans and aspirations and at which the strategic development of the Aurora Network of engaged research universities takes shape.
  • At the Norwich plenary meeting, the first Aurora Network Diversity & Equality Award will be given out to one of the three nominated projects.
  • A plenary Forum Debate; the topic of the Norwich debate will be the role of the Humanities & Social Sciences in today and tomorrow’s society and university.
Full Programme (pdf)



Programme of Workshops

Below, a link is provided to the overview of workshops. For the majority of these, the convenor stated in the list is already in contact with representatives in the Aurora universities; many of the groups will build their work in Norwich from earlier meetings. However, the workshop meetings do have an open and inclusive character. Any academic, administrator or student from an Aurora Network university with a specific interest in one of the workshop topics is invited to contact the convenor to see if he/she can participate.

Overview of workshops (pdf)



Aurora Equality and Diversity Award

Strengthening the Aurora partnership by highlighting best practices in Equality and Diversity across Aurora

The objective of the award is to identify and exchange good practices and advance the Aurora network’s vision of equal opportunities for staff and students, creating a working and learning environment where different perspectives are explicitly valued, and to capitalize on the ability to generate creativity from different perspectives in teaching and in education.


Each Aurora partner nominates 1-3 projects, practices, activities or interventions which have stood out and been successful. This way, best practice can be shared across the partner universities and partners can build on each others strengths in their work on diversity and equality.

Nominations are expected to fulfill one or more of the following criteria: they primarily engage with equality and diversity; advance the equality agenda; provide opportunities for marginalized group; involve stakeholders; support creating transformative change; create respectful environments; emphasize diversity as a strength of the university society; and include innovative methods.

In addition, success criteria focus on the following: ease of implementation and transferability; impact and indication of results; a clear vision; novelty and creativity, along with design and management; and whether they are evidence based or not.

The award itself will include a visit to another Aurora partner to learn from practices established at the host partner, thus further strenghtening co-operation between partners on equality and diversity.


Open Forum Debate

“What will the Humanities and Social Sciences do for us?
Reflections on the role of the humanities and social sciences for the future of humanity and society”

Friday November 10, 2 – 3 pm, Council House, Council Camber

Info on speakers and co-facilitators (pdf)
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