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Female Leadership at VU Amsterdam

The VU Amsterdam, Aurora member university, holds the second position in the category Gender Equality of the University Impact Rankings, based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2009 the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam signed the Charter ‘Talent To The Top’ to appoint more women in top positions. By supporting this aim, the human resource department organizes for the 10th year in a row, the female leadership program for female employees at the VU. This program is intended for female employees who have the ambition to acquire a higher position within three years.

The program will be conducted by Esther Mollema, one of the most experienced trainers and seminar experts in the Netherlands, and a popular speaker and programme leader in the field of female leadership, change management and business strategy. Since 2010, approximately 200 VU-women have participated in this programme. Through evaluations, it has become clear that the programme has supported female employees.  A few quotes from the evaluations of female colleagues who have participated over the last years:

“I had expected the programme to be more about how to lead people in a group, the people ‘beneath’ me. However, the programme was more about how to work with people ‘above’ me and how to advance to a higher position, which was more useful.”

The female leadership program is given in Dutch. Should more international employees at the Vu require this workshop they may mail to More information here (in Dutch)

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