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First Sustainability Lecture

During World Environmental Day, VU lecturer Philipp Pattberg kicked off the Aurora Sustainability Lecture Series with its first lecture on SDG17: 'Strengthing the means of implementation and revitalise the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development'.

On Wednesday morning June 5th from 10:30 – 11:30 on the eight floor in the main building at the VU Amsterdam, Philip Pattberg – Professor of Transnational Environmental Governance and Policy and Director of the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI) – intrigued the public with a presentation on improving multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development.

He bases his theory on nine building blocks falling within three categories which are Actors (describes who a partner is); Process (describes how to create a partnership and what do with them); and Context (explains within which context a partnership should and can take place). Philipp notes that these building blocks have not been taken into account by the UN, resulting in the lack of oversight of the many partnerships surrounding the UN’s SDGs. During the lecture, he questions whose responsibility it is to look over these partnerships. Whether it will be the UN’s, the country government or society?

The Aurora sustainable Lecture Series, framed using the UN SDGs, showcases to the broader university community the expertise available around sustainability challenges that affect all of us. These series aim to develop a foundation for collaborations among institutions along the SDG theme.

The Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI) provides an inclusive umbrella for sustainability-related research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ASI seeks to build bridges among VU researchers and with the broader community to increase scientific and societal impact. Their motto is: “Integrating knowledge for sustainable societal choices”.

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