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Is Malnutrition Still Associated with Poverty? SDG 2: Zero Hunger.

On the 29th of May during the spring aurora Biannual, three academics presented their work relating to the Health SDGs; Zero Hunger and Good Health and Wellbeing. One of them being Lia van Wesenbeeck, who gave a talk on how three nexuses can eliminate food insecurity.

Lia van Wesenbeeck teaches Fundamentals of Microeconomics, Economic Thought in a Historical Perspective and Introduction to Social Systems I at AUC. She is a member of the Management Team of the Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies at VU Amsterdam. She is an expert in general equilibrium theory and applications, in particular focusing on the assessment of the impact of policy changes, and on the inclusion of biophysical characteristics in economic modelling, in spatially explicit models of production, transport and natural flows.

According to Dr Weesenbeeck’s presentation,  poverty is no longer associated with malnutrition but with a long list of factors including urbanization, climate change, water scarcity, and conflict. Therefore it is crucial to define three nexuses that focus on specific elements relevant for specific conditions, being the Inclusive Business Nexus; Water-Energy-Food Nexus; and Human Security Nexus.

Next to explaining the nexuses, Dr Weesenbeeck also suggested that Aurora as a network of Universities would be much more effective in contributing to each nexus than single universities or within-country consortia by seeking cross-disciplinary connections. Lastly, she noted that each nexus has its own need for innovation and social entrepreneurship. This article marks the last of the Plenary story series. Please click on the button to read the presentation and find out more.

Zero Hunger and Three Nexus
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